10649890_10153034494165446_290880862096466733_nMeet Dog, Cat and Mouse.

But what happens when the cat can’t ‘meow’, the dog can’t ‘woof’ and the mouse can’t ‘squeak’?

They all head off to see the old lady in the tumbledown house of course, who will ‘have a spell to make them well‘, but with what consequences?


Suzi Moore‘s short snappy rhyme keeps this story moving at a pace and with the introduction of a wealth of animal noises, it can’t fail to please the youngest (or the oldest) reader.

It’s a chaotically hilarious story, that’ll have even the most sensible reader barking, bleating and cock-a-doodle-dooing!

10984069_10153034494120446_4556435637922380402_nWe thoroughly love Russell Ayto‘s minimally moreish illustrations. In this case, less is definitely more and with subtle changes to the ears, eyes and tail, the animals demeanour is abundantly apparent.

(Keep an eye on the little old lady’s shoes.)


The prominent and vibrant changes in background colour adds to the intensity of the little old lady’s spells as she continues to get them wrong and the animals end up with the wrong noises.

But whoops! will she ever find the right spell?

Perhaps the eccentric old lady should stick to knitting three-legged tights…


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