Beautiful Birds by Jean Roussen & Emmanuelle Walker (Flying Eye Books)

10999909_10153034662120446_6316348642505262811_n‘Beautiful Birds’ is quite simply that!

We’ve come to expect an awful lot from Flying Eye Books these days and this latest offering doesn’t fail to take our breath away. It’s even more gorgeous than we thought it would be and that’s saying something!

A beautifully bound, hardback with embossing you can’t help but run your fingers over, is sure to please any twitchers and non-twitchers alike.


Emmanuelle Walker and Jean Roussen make a formidable partnership and together, they include some of the most stunning and perhaps not so stunning, but equally as interesting, birds in this fact-filled tome.

Our pictures don’t do this book justice and here, the neon pops of orange are positively jumping off the page from the peacock’s impressive tail feathers.


A vibrantly, eye-popping alphabet of feathery friends, coupled with a melodic rhyme, makes for a perfect read for young and emerging readers.

The delightfully delicious facts and descriptions will also look to extend the young reader’s vocabulary.

“O is for owls of all kinds with their ogling orbs, t’s also for orioles and their greedy fruit hoards.”

10984252_10153034662595446_6534471360117474469_nAlong the way, it may also introduce them to a number of yet undiscovered birds such as the egret, the lorikeet and the jacana, to name but a few.

Check out the equally vibrant trailer here 


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