The Umbrella by Ingrid & Dieter Schubert (Book Island Books)

10978506_10153030300710446_6434661983977659764_nA wordless picture book that tells a thousand tales.

We follow a dapper little terrier on his whirlwind adventure to far-flung places.

The inquisitive pup finds a discarded red brolly and the moment he opens it, he and the umbrella are swept up into a wild and imaginative adventure.

10360973_10153030300445446_7074481711688262654_nThe wordless double-page spreads need no narrative, as the little dog’s story unfolds right in front of your eyes.

With each turn of the page, the intrepid canine is launched into a dramatically different setting.

His trusty umbrella is by his side at all times, morphing into a boat, a shield and a sledge to aid his unexpected travels.

10986852_10153030300555446_2732402513052231012_nAcross each expanse of glossy paper, the pop of red is abundantly clear and even when the puppy’s tiny frame is almost lost against the enormity of nature, you can immediately spot the umbrella.

From the sandy, dry desserts to the vast, rolling seas, the little dog’s adventure ultimately ends where it all originally began.

The whimsical illustrations make this a perfect book for younger readers, who will also enjoy creating a supporting narrative of their own to this delightful journey.


It makes such places some of us can only dream of more accessible.

A formidable duo, Ingrid and Dieter have worked together for over 30 years, creating many books which have been translated and published in over 21 languages.

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