Poka & Mia By Kitty Crowther (Tate Publishing)

10968406_10153030562365446_8389149537973200545_nWe’ve reviewed the first two stories in this series namely Football and At the Cinema and as you’d expect, these two additions are as equally stunning.

Kitty Crowther is one of our favourites and she has such empathy with her characters and boy do these books ooze ‘character’.

10993412_10153030562170446_1661840326029253860_nThe use of these wonderfully bizarre but adorable little creatures, enables the reader to relate to the clear message in each book.

With ‘Wakey-Wakey‘ we instantly engage with the parent/child relationship between Poka and Mia and the fondness which they show to one another.

10991355_10153030562290446_6189301280006282849_nMia is desperate to get outside and play but Poka is hardly able to open his eyes.

Many parents will identify with these scenarios that Crowther finds her characters caught up in.

And just when you thought is couldn’t get any more bizarre, in ‘At the Bottom of the Garden‘ we are introduced to Arto, the spider who knits.


This imaginative tale shows how Mia’s caring side shines through as she looks after her new friend Arto who has a fever.

Again, Crowther’s characterisation comes to the fore and you can’t help but have an instant understanding and affinity with these wonderful creatures.


Poka and Mia, have a fond Father/daughter relationship and the way in which Crowther writes, makes it a genuine one, that all parents will recognise.

We are just SO pleased that finally, some of Kitty Crowthers’ work has been translated for English speaking fans and followers.

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