Little Red Hood by Marjolaine Leray (Phoenix Yard)

10157189_10153024398550446_1825437307109192680_nThis is *the* most humorous, dark, clever and witty rendition of ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ that we’ve had the pleasure of reading.

Using only red and black across the blank white pages, with limited text and not a bed-ridden Grandmother in sight, this quirky take on a classic pushes the boundaries and for that reason alone, we love it!


Written by Marjolaine Leray, translated by the magnificent Sarah Ardizzone, absolutely *nothing* gets lost in translation here.

Short, snappy, scrawled sentences packed full of humour, paired with stylishly scribbled illustrations make for a punchy-paced fairytale.


Little Red Hood is clearly in control of this not-so-wiley wolf and her calm composure is abundantly evident, even through the use of these raw, jagged strokes.

Unlike the original, this wolf isn’t quite as you’d expect. He’s not the sharpest tool in the box and Little Red has the upper hand in this classic tale with a twist.


Some may struggle with this version of events, as it is so far removed from anything we’ve read before, but for us, it was a complete winner and one we will enjoy sharing.

If you’re open to a twist on a classic with a new, edgy, fresh feel, then look no further.

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