Those Pesky Rabbits

10968560_10153020074180446_7339233749424658456_nBear loves his own company, living in the middle of nowhere, on his own, just the way he likes it.

Until… *Cue pesky rabbits.*

All of a sudden, Bear’s peace is rudely interrupted and his inquisitive new neighbours won’t leave him alone.


Continual questioning and requests for honey and swapping books makes Bear angry and once and for all he scares away his rabbity residents.

The rabbits take the hint and they leave him alone to his own devices until one day, they decide to leave Bear a special package and the realisation hits as Bear acknowledges that he is feeling lonely.


Who’d have thought it?

Can bear learn to live with his new neighbours?

Who knows, he may even learn to like them?

We’ve openly admitted that we’re suckers for a bear, but what a way to kick off your picture book career, Ciara Flood!


The details and added extras in this book will keep any young reader entertained.

Watch out for the little mouse, he kept my 5 year old engaged, looking out for him on every spread.

This debut is out in March and we look forward for more of the same. Can’t wait to see what Ciara does next.

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