10414428_10153015954640446_2800601977055074182_nWell, Wide Eyed Editions are certainly starting as they mean to go on. Beautifully produced, highly illustrated books for all ages and we for one, are totally hooked.

After their amazing Atlas of Adventures they are following-up with another quality, hefty tome in Creaturepedia, due out on the 5th March.

10464027_10153015954695446_7197063770539116919_nCreaturepedia is a total explosion of colour and packed with a wealth of wonderful creatures, with some eclectic facts and quirky captions.

Perfect for a younger audience, you can’t help but be drawn in to each spread and the bite-sized pieces of information will enthral any reader.


After all, did you know a giant anteater’s tongue is up to 60cm in length? Or that a Japanese spider crab has a 12ft leg span? No, nor did we until we dived into these fact filled pages.

We particularly love the humorous titles for each section, such as ‘The show-offs’, ‘The noisy neighbours’ and ‘The munch-it-uppers’ and the humour continues through the book visible in some of the illustrations and the comic captions.


Succinct explanations and cartoon-like illustrations from Adrienne Barman are a winning formula for any young reader, where their concentration span may waiver.

With plenty of colour and funny facts, this is a refreshingly original and very different look at the animal kingdom with fresh content.


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