The Jungle Book Playset by BabyLit


We’ve never hidden our love of Baby Lit books. They’ve done something that no-one has attempted before.

An ingenious and captivating way of introducing some of our best loved classics to a much younger audience, in bite-sized chunks.

10460715_10153014088415446_5788403763494639259_nSherlock Holmes and The Jungle Book are just a couple of our all-time Baby Lit favourites and we’re pleased to share with you the latest play set from the Baby Lit range.

Packaged in a beautifully hardy box, the play set contains the hard wearing board book, along with several sturdy, 3D, pop-out card animals to accompany the story.

10947257_10153014328515446_1419259179784319471_nMy 5 yo took great pleasure in popping out the animals and conjuring up his own stories.

Together, we read the book aloud and my youngest used the characters to bring the classic tale to life. The use of the pop-out characters reenforces the story further for the early reader.

He enjoyed putting each animal together and they were strong enough to withstand his clumsy fingers.

10959509_10153014088325446_2533014063685226534_nThese 3D animals add another dimension to the story telling process and allows the emerging/young reader to engage with the book and further comprehend the story.

Who said the classics were for an older generation of reader?

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