Emmanuel’s Dream

10411259_10153014025895446_8149503137237350960_nWe regularly hear cries of ‘we need more diversity’ particularly within the field of picture books.

And whilst we know this has been an area which has often failed to include a more diverse range of characters, there are finally, more books coming forward which include different ethnic backgrounds and characters with various levels of ability and this book incorporates both.

1947574_10153014025960446_5507833910780592498_nBorn with one leg, ‘Emmanuel’s Dream’ follows this young boy on his incredible journey to prove that his disability doesn’t have to mean that he can’t do those things that other children do.

Emmanuel’s refusal to cave in after numerous rejections to work, sets him off on a totally different route. He wants to pursue his dream of cycling around Ghana, to earn the respect of others and to prove that disability does not mean inability.

10408619_10153014025835446_8964804940655477611_nBased on a true story, Emmanuel cycled an unbelievable four hundred miles across Ghana with only one strong leg, to spread his message.

Becoming a national hero along the way, Emmanuel proved his point and shows that it only takes one person to change the world. A poignant, emotional and inspirational story and one we’d love to see more of.

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