Pom Pom Gets The Grumps by Sophy Henn (Puffin Books)

934752_10153007750695446_4524016174662131601_nEver got out of bed on the wrong side? Haven’t we all?

Well, now it’s Pom Pom’s turn. He gets out of bed and nothing is right! Oh boy, we know how that feels.

This is Sophy Henn‘s next offering after the highly acclaimed Where Bear. Her debut was a massive success and one that would be hard to surpass, so we were keen to see where she would go next.

10537069_10153007751130446_1561823798812046447_nSo we were very pleased when she introduced us to yet another adorable, but very different bear.

Even though he’s got the grumps, we couldn’t help but love him instantly. Sophy has a habit of making us do that with her characters. (In fact, he reminded of our very own Pom Pom, pictured below).


Sophy’s contemporary style of illustration is colourfully crisp, clean and very distinctive from anything else we’ve seen currently.

Her characterisation is second to none and the way she manages to convey Pom Pom’s mood to perfection is pure skill.

We are also treated to a group of new characters along the way, all as equally as adorable as Sophy’s bears, although we have to say the monkey is a firm favourite here.


But Pom Pom is way too adorable to be grumpy for long.

Surely he can’t stay grumpy forever?

Can his friends help?

Toddlers and parents alike will identify with this humorous insight into Pom Pom’s tantrum.


We are also excited to hear that there will be more antics and adventures for Pom Pom coming later this year, and fingers crossed, he’s not got the grumps in the next book.

It must be said that this beautifully bound book is packaged to perfection from the outside cover to the inside content. Well done Puffin Books!


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