Migrant by Maxine Trottier & Isabelle Arsenault (Groundwood Books)

10897131_10153009797520446_921306461665745156_nWe cannot tell you how utterly sublime this book is and whilst we may be slightly biased, as we have yet to find any work from Isabelle Arsenault that we don’t adore, Maxine Trottier’s magical words are as equally breath taking.

This award winning tale tells the story of a German-speaking migrant who moves from her home in Mexico, with her family, to the North West of America to harvest fruit and vegetables during the Spring to bring in a pittance.

1454621_10153009797595446_2776900276547298755_nThe sympathetic illustrations and muted tones play a huge part in depicting the enormity of this move for the family, as Anna’s vivid imagination takes hold and she plays with the crickets and flies like a bird.

Anna feels like a jackrabbit living in an abandoned burrow, as she regularly moves into empty farmhouses near to the fields.

268550_10153009797755446_1029165983610778644_nBut mostly she dreams of just being able to stay put in one place.

“What would it be like to be a tree with roots sunk deeply into the earth – to watch seasons passing around you the same way the wind passes through your branches”


Often feeling like an outsider in her new Spring home, Trottier uses eloquent, natural similes to highlight Anna’s sense of isolation and fear.

Another hugely powerful collaboration to add to our list and a book that deserves a place on every shelf.


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