My Name Is Elizabeth by Annika Dunklee & Matt Forsythe (Kids Can Press)

10928982_10153007586395446_2094512037140361000_nLast week we thought we spied another little gem via Twitter and even if we may say so, we were spot on!

This is a corker of a debut by Annika Dunklee and we look forward to seeing what she’ll produce next.

My Name Is Elizabeth, is a tale that we can associate with in this household and will no doubt ring true for many people with long names.


The simplicity of this story, coupled with Matthew Forsythe‘s distinctive illustrations are a great marriage. His unique graphical style, using a limited, retro-style palette really caught our eye, when we spotted it last week.

Elizabeth is a formidable character and she likes her four-syllabled, nine-lettered name in all it’s glory. And so she should!



She’s not a Liz or a Lizzy and woe betide you if you dare call her ‘Betsy’!

Even her closest friends and family insist on calling her anything other than her real name.


Why is it so hard for people to get it right? She doesn’t like it when people get it wrong and quite frankly who would?

Elizabeth becomes more and more frustrated, but will they EVER get it right?

We knew we’d love this book and we were not disappointed. Thanks to Kids Can Press for sending the review copy.


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