Here I Am by Patti Kim & Sonia Sánchez (Curious Fox Books)

10407241_10152999607715446_6940540337572656786_nWe’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some seriously fabulous wordless picture books recently and this next one is also living up to our high expectations.

Here I Am, is a poignant and hard hitting tale of how it feels to ‘up sticks’ and move to a new home, a new country and discover a new life with mixed emotions.


Based on the author’s own story, together Patti Kim and Sonia Sánchez play out this transitional period in the boy’s life with empathy, sensitivity and care, coupled with magical illustrations.

Even without words, this graphically strong story clearly highlights the range of emotions that the boy in this book is feeling.


With subtle changes in colour palette and obvious facial expressions, the story unfolds in all its glory across the spreads of hauntingly beautiful pictures.

With calls for more diversity within picture books, this one definitely ticks some boxes and allows us to gracefully step into someone else’s shoes and perhaps get a taste of how it feels to live someone else’s life.

10402039_10152999607810446_6577160096293147430_nThe strength and impact of this genre of books should not be underestimated and we are thoroughly enjoying watching more of these books appear in a tough market.

We commend Curious Fox Books for taking this step into relatively new territory and we’d love to see more of these books coming forward, particularly as they have been proven to engage the reluctant reader.

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