How Many Legs? by Kes Gray & Jim Field (Hodder Children’s)

10949723_10152991156975446_5122935080354027069_nWe didn’t think this duo could top the award winning ‘Oi Frog!‘ but they’ve only gone and done it.

Due out in February, ‘How Many Legs?’ by Kes Gray and Jim Field, is a joyfully colourful counting adventure, bursting with a wealth of lively and varied animals, each with differing personalities.

As the title suggests, it all about counting the legs. Simples?


After all, how hard can it be?

Just how many legs are there?

But can you keep up?


A tutu sporting hippo and a waistcoated kangeroo are just two of a plethora of animals who come over for tea and it is your mission (should you choose to accept it) to keep a count of the number of legs.

Be sure to concentrate as more and more legs arrive on every spread. This not only keeps the children guessing, but the adults too.


WARNING: For the serious mathematician and those who enjoy some serious animal party hilarity.

This charming picture book will have even the youngest readers in stitches. We thoroughly enjoyed using all of our fingers and toes to try and keep count and watch out for some lovely detail in Jim Field‘s fun-filled illustrations.


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