Who’s Hiding?

10891752_10152990890660446_4348076923930637813_n‘Who’s Hiding’ is a delightful rhyming text by Jenny Broom and the Italian illustrator, Agnese Baruzzi.

With beautiful, graphically strong imagery, these fold out pages are transformed into magical scenes.

Baruzzi‘s bright, bold illustration style makes for an interactive, joyful read.


Scattered with subtle clues presented in Broom’s playful copy, we are invited to guess as to who may be hiding within the fold back pages.

Young and emerging readers will enjoy speculating over who will appear, as they intrepidly open the concertinaed pages.


Each spread is jam packed with glorious colour and simple, clean imagery, in this hide-and-seek game with a twist.

Readers will instantly recognise the majority of animals and insects and will be pleasantly surprised by what is actually revealed on each page.

10479709_10152990890735446_6953127635419829615_nThe cadence of the rhyme immediately holds the attention of the reader and keeps the story moving at a sprightly pace.



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