Daydreams For Night

10929549_10152985274625446_2526567257945739984_nOh deep joy! I’ve been harping on now for a very long time about picture books not necessarily being just for young children, even the ones that may be aimed at a younger audience.

A really good picture book has the power to carry you to far-off, distant places and allow you to step inside someone else’s shoes, even if just for a moment and this wonderful collection of short stories does exactly that.


A beautifully produced book with distinct black and white, gothic style illustrations by David Ouimet, will undoubtedly get your imagination working and your mind exploring.

The range of bizarre, yet enthralling characters are brought to life by John Southworth’s clever story telling and David Ouimet’s intriguing illustrations in a powerful collaboration we really hope to see again.


Almost in a quirky graphic novel style, this book has a definite appeal to adults and the older child, perhaps even from 8-10 years +.

We are so excited to see more of these types of book breaking through, following the great Shaun Tan’s footsteps. Great for the reluctant reader and proven to encourage reading for pleasure, we hope this genre of work continues and catches momentum to produce more top quality fiction.

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