Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe!

1902772_10152973118780446_4526413806664436078_n‘Don’t Chew the Royal Shoe!’ is Kate Leake‘s debut picture book.

Recently published by Scholastic, if this is anything to go by, Kate is bound to have a wealth of picture books up her sleeve.

Having previously illustrated a number of books, Kate Leake has now written her own book and we’re giving away a copy to one lucky winner.


Meet Lord Chippington Marmaduke Fluffy Toes (or Chips, for short) he’s not quite like the other royal dogs.

A little more dishevelled, not quite as well presented and perhaps not quite as well behaved?

And Chips just can’t resist a shoe. They’re just SO chewy, with spaghetti-like laces and a delicious smell.


The Queen is far from impressed with Chips’ chaotic chewing, as it gets out of hand.

She orders an urgent investigation, as it becomes apparent that the entire royal show collection has one shoe missing from each pair.

What on earth will she wear to the Royal Garden Party?


Eventually each and every shoe is retrieved, albeit in a less than acceptable state and Chips is reprimanded for his chewy shoe obsession.

He is given orders to only chew the proper Royal Chewy Toys in future and his crown is taken away, along with the rest of the royal shoe collection.

But can his obsession with shoes ever be a positive thing? Find out, by winning a copy of this right royal rumpus, which can’t fail to please young readers.


To be in with a chance to win your own copy, follow us on Twitter @pbooksblogger and RT our review. Competition closes at midnight on Sunday 18th Jan. Winner to be announced on Monday 19th Jan. Open to UK entrants only.


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