Lemur Dreamer

Lemur CoverBaaaam! Check out this for a jaw dropping cover, and no, that’s not because we’re yawning at this perfect bedtime story.

The large foil moon, enveloping the listless lemur is a great way to get us to dive in, and you almost feel as though you can dive right into that shimmering moon.

We love a strong cover and Lemur Dreamer by Courtney Dicmas ticks all of the boxes.


We meet the residents of 32 Pebbly Lane, mostly going about their business, leading rather unextraordinary lives, all except that is, for one.

Meet Louis, the Lemur who has a tendancy to sleepwalk.


Lucky for Louis he has some very caring, understanding and nosey neighbours, who one evening decide to follow him on his hilarious night time antics and thank goodness they tag along.

Louis encounters a treacherous twilight trip and it’s thanks to his friends that he remains unscathed at the end of his journey.

DicmasBut this is getting out of hand, how will they keep him safe?

Dicmas has done it again. Following the success of her début Harold Finds a Voice and then, The Great Googly Moogly, Courtney has delivered another belter.


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