Steampunk City

10389004_10152946515010446_6401558017475089976_nWe’ve always loved an alphabet book here at Picture Book HQ, and this is another corker to add to our list. But be warned, this is no ordinary alphabet book, this has to be one of the coolest ones out there.

Manuel Sumberac‘s Steampunk Alphabet book has an edgy vintage feel, coupled with a futuristic design, with letters like you’ll have never seen them before. There’s certainly no simpering ‘A is for Apple’ here.

Letter AThe Victorian-era style, with it’s quirky Steampunk fantasy world makes for fabulously different viewing, not your run-of-the-mill alphabet.

Sumberac’s lusciously extravagant paintings coupled with the rhyming text make this alphabet a completely unique journey from A to Z.


The letters are immense, sturdy constructions and each one towers with pride on every spread.

Sumberac’s use of a vivid colour palette adds to the enormity of each machine and highlights each and every cog and piston, which make up every letter.

Another fabulously quirky and super imaginative POW kids book and a completely different look at the alphabet.


Undoubtedly an alphabetical journey which will be enjoyed by younger and older children alike.

We were lucky enough to be treated to a sneak preview by POW kids books a few months ago. Now we’ve been lucky enough to get our mitts on a copy, it certainly lives up to the images and brief we were sent and then some.

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