Poka & Mia – Football by Kitty Crowther (Tate Publishing)

10407124_10152946511040446_5650156872550160878_nWhen we reviewed our first of Kitty Crowther’s Poka and Mia books, we were inundated with fabulous comments and many were overjoyed that finally some of her work was being translated for her English speaking fans.

Thanks to Tate Publishing, we can expect more of the same as they publish two additional titles in February this year, but until then, here’s a little more of Crowther’s fabulous work to whet your appetite.

10917116_10152946510985446_806292923264842766_nPoka and Mia Football, is another in the series of these quirky little creatures, created by Belgian born author/illustrator Kitty Crowther.

Mia decides she wants to take up football and despite Poka’s attempts to deter the young aspiring footballer, she forges on with a will of steel and a tenacity that anyone would be proud of.

But Mia isn’t accepted with open arms into the football team and even the best boots in the land will not endear her to the team of boys.

10897890_10152946510905446_1331391459804344299_nShe isn’t the best footballer to begin with so the boys refuse to pass the ball to her and she usually ends up on the bench. Mia has to work extra hard to fit into the male dominated team.

And that’s exactly what she does! She trains every waking moment and practices her skills until she becomes an agile player.

But will she ever get the opportunity to show them her skills?


We have fallen in love with these books, such beautifully empathetic illustrations with a style all of her own.

The way in which Crowther is able to demonstrate the parent/child relationship and highlight very real issues through these endearing characters is second to none. She has a knack of getting it spot on.

If this is your first introduction to Kitty Crowther, you won’t be disappointed and we hope it makes you want to seek out more of her fabulous work.


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