Black and White by Dahlov Ipcar (Flying Eye Books)

10639721_10152880331380446_7447846694335639760_nWhat an utter treat! Thanks to Flying Eye Books, we are able to devour these gems once again, as they lovingly resurrect classic picture books from years gone by.

As Dahlov Ipcar prepares to turn a mere 97 years young, we celebrate another of her gems being published by Flying Eye.

Almost 50 years after it was originally published, Black and White goes to prove it is another timeless story from Ipcar. Coupled with her maverick style of illustration, this will undoubtedly appeal to children and adults alike.


A black dog and a white dog are the best of friends, by each other’s side every day playing together without fail.

This story was written originally by Ipcar to promote equality in a very turbulent America in the early 1960s.

10857975_10152880331485446_6534867102086422001_nThe two dogs dream of adventures way beyond their own world.

From the hostile, whitewashed Arctic where the polar bears roam free, to the vibrant jungles of the Congo where the black and white monkeys swing through the trees, the two dogs soak up the simple beauty of the nature around us.

And all created in fabulous spot colour, which Ipcar is synonymous with.


It makes us appreciate the wonder of the living, breathing natural world and join together in unison to celebrate

The artwork has been meticulously restored to ensure the quality of the original has not been lost. A book to be cherished.



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