Q Pootle 5


Nick Butterworth has been a firm favourite with each of my three children over the years for a number of his various books, but none more so than Q Pootle 5 and Walker are publishing two new books this month.

This Intergalactic voyager is a loveable alien and sure to find a space in the hearts of pre-schoolers.

The Great Space Race is a huge event for the residents of planet Okidoki. Oopsy wants to win, but she forgets to fix her booster. When disaster strikes, Pootle willingly stops to lend a hand. But has Oopsy sunk the chances of victory for both of them?


In Groobie’s Spacewash Groobie gets hits hands on an old spaceship-washing machine that has definitely seen better days. Although it seemed a good idea at the time, the machine eventually breaks down mid-wash with Stella and Ray inside. One rescue effort leads to another and the inhabitants of Okidoki come together for one final attempt.

Along with the books comes a whole host of fabulous goodies, such as a selection of jigsaw puzzles, playing cards and a DVD. A sure fire winner for the younger for the early reader.


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