Flood by Alvaro F. Villa (Capstone Young Readers)

1722923_10152868218340446_2685235433453110334_nThis emotive picture book by Alvaro F. Villa, is exactly that. It uses only pictures to depict the story of a devastating flood and the effects upon a family.

The stunning artwork shows the family in their home, and follows them as they prepare for the flood and as they ultimately evacuate their home.

10801872_10152868218385446_2211515475783769023_nThe calm before the storm is palpable on each of the wordless pages, leading up to the devastating storm. The illustrations become darker and all consuming, as the clouds gain ever closer on the tiny house.


In the wake of the horrific storm, the calm immediately returns to the subsequent pages in the story.

Despite the damage caused and the state of the poor house which was caught in the eye of the storm, there is a distinct feeling of peace throughout the remainder of the book.


The family are able to rebuild their beloved home and the clear change in the palette from dark greys and blues to warm earthy hues ends the story on a definite positive note.

The final imagery of the bird settled upon a lone branch is a poignant one and one that lends hope to an otherwise dark story.

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