The Big Question

10846304_10152868264240446_6599295925820467450_nIn no uncertain terms, we have fallen in love with Book Island‘s picture books.

The first of their books we’d like to shout about is the exquisite ‘The Big Question’ by Leen Van den Berg, illustrated by Kaatje Vermeire.

‘The Big Question’ highlights the many facets of love and how it means different things to different people, or in this case, animals and nature.


Beautifully and empathetically illustrated, the animals congregate for their annual meeting and elephant reluctantly has a question to ask.

“How do you know you love someone?”

Lots of the animals have their own views on how you know and what it means to be in love.


Mouse said he knew the first time he saw her, the apple tree said she couldn’t get by without the sunlight and the clouds said they always float in the same direction.

The little girl announced that she wrote poems and slipped them into his pocket in the school yard.

Each of them had a different, but just as important point of view on how they knew they were in love.


Ant, who was chairing the meeting, was keen to crack on with the meeting and she barely listened to those offering their answers.

She scuttled off after the meeting exclaiming the offers of explanation as ‘rubbish’.

Perhaps Ant had yet to find love?

We are delighted to have found Book Island books and know they will have more groundbreaking picture books to offer in the future.


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