The Book with a Hole

10850123_10152856823260446_1538421714933944346_nThe ever inventive Herve Tullet, has come up with this fabulous ‘The Book With a Hole‘.

It literally has a hole right the way through the middle of the book and it allows you to be as creative as you wish with the empty space.


10410148_10152856823305446_1661558254095128897_nThis book is just begging to be picked up and played with. It invites the reader to try a whole range of activities to fill the wide open space.

Here’s my 5 yo making a trunk for the elephant.
10649510_10152856823350446_6786060929533400967_nAnd here’s me taking a snap of him with the camera.

As always, we had much fun with this offering from Tullet. His books always insight another level of creativity and a slightly different thought process for children, pushing the boundaries as to what books can really offer a child (and a slightly bigger child for that matter).


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