Where is Pim?

10366199_10152851176850446_3720154354895325765_nGecko Press never fail to please and following their initial offering of ‘Pom and Pim’ comes the next adventure for the duo, ‘Where is Pim?’

Written and illustrated by the husband and wife team, Lena and Olof Landstrom, this simple story is written with equal measures of humour and heart.


Pim is Pom’s favourite toy, life-long buddy and partner in crime, until that is, he’s swiped by a cheeky dog ready to play and off he runs with Pim.

Pom searches in vain but cannot find Pim anywhere. Where is Pim?

This heart warming tale is perfect for toddlers and very early readers with an effective simplicity and humour to suit this age range.


Told with few words and unique illustrations, it addresses the themes of friendship, play and adventure with a clear sensitivity, yet sprinkled with humour.

And as with all Gecko Press products, it is produced at the highest  level. Definitely one, to read aloud with your young ones and one you’re bound to return to.


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