National Non-Fiction November

InfographicsWe’ve saved our National Non-Fiction November (#NNFN) offering until now.

Whilst most of our previous posts have been fiction based, we certainly don’t underestimate the joy that a bit of non-fiction can bring. The ‘Human Body’ written by Simon Rogers, illustrated by Peter Grundy is a fine example.

monsterWe have a couple of fact eating monsters here and the arrival of this book was timed to perfection, as my eldest is learning about the human body at school.

This book is made more accessible by the use of clean, bright design, tabbed chapters and simple, clear infographics.


I also learned a few new facts and snippets of information whilst flicking through the chapters. For example, did you know you release approximately a litre of gas every day?! Well you do now.

The information is presented in punchy, bite-sized pieces of information and delivered with a sense of humour. This is one we will undoubtedly be referring to again and again.

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