The Flower

CoverThis hauntingly atmospheric picture book by John Light is a poignant and hope filled story.

The story itself is a seemingly simple one, recanted beautifully and unfurling gently with Lisa Evans sophisticated illustrations.

Set in a bleak future metropolis, where there is no colour or real ‘life’ to speak of, it makes you re-assess how lucky we are.


Meet Brigg, living in his dull, monochrome world, working in a lifeless library, among dull people, but find out what happens when he spots a book a the library labelled ‘Do Not Read’.

When Brigg learns of such a beautiful and vibrant thing called a ‘flower’, his incessant search begins, until one day in an old part of the city, he finds a picture with a flower and takes it home.


There he discovers a packet of seeds with some instructions. Brigg immediately sets about following the instructions as best he can, placing the precious seeds in a mug and covering with dust and dirt from around the city.

But nothing much happens… for a while at least. Then he is treated to a new green shoot, which ultimately turns into a beautifully colourful flowering plant.


Brigg was overjoyed at this splendid thing and it brought him much happiness, until one day when the room cleaning system sucked it right up and the flower was gone.

Poor Brigg was distraught and he would go off in search of more flowers, but would he ever find this simple joy again that brought him so much pleasure in his otherwise grey world?


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