The Book With No Pictures

TBWNPA book with no pictures? Surely not?! How on earth would you begin to engage children in a book with no pictures?

Like this…

In our opinion, B. J. Novak has created a truly groundbreaking book and to prove it we took this book to a group of 4 year olds to see what they thought and it was a huge hit.

You only need to read the first few pages to see that this book with no pictures will ingeniously catch the imagination of children.


Immediately, the child has the ‘grown-up’ right where they want them. Getting them to say things they may not normally say, and do things they may not normally do, in a voice they may not usually use.

The pages are stark white, scattered with words. Some containing just three words in large font, others with more words in colourful type and not always starting in the places you’d expect.


And that’s what we like about this book. It’s done something different, something you wouldn’t expect. The concept has been considered a crazy one, but when executed, truly powerful. Just watch this video, as Novak begins reads his book with no pictures to a captive audience.

Try it for yourselves.

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