The Really Abominable Snowman

CoverWhat’s huge, horrible, very hairy, eats children and smells of old cheese?

The Really Abominable Snowman, that’s who. Or at least that’s what everyone seems to think…

He (Milo to his Mum) really isn’t horrible and he doesn’t eat children or smell of cheese.


In fact, Milo’s rather partial to a cherry cupcake, enjoys a spot of craft and smells of sweet lavender soap, but no-one ever sticks around long enough to find this out.

All he wants is to share his cupcakes with someone. Is that really too much to ask for?


Perhaps it was time for a change? Milo tried a new look, but nothing seemed to work.

His attempts at social media are an epic fail and he is almost ready to give up when he spots a notice in the local paper for ‘The Society of Misunderstood Creatures’. Perfect!

But his appearance at the party prompted a quick exit from the other attendees.


Well, almost all, enter Sophie in a beautiful fold-out spread. Would she stick around long enough to see the ‘real’ Milo?

Valentina Mendicino‘s illustrations are unique and her choice of muted colour palettes, beautifully sympathetic to the story.

A simply endearing story, complemented by Mendicino’s fabulous character styling and clean illustrations.

envelopeWe were even treated to a delightfully doodled envelope.

Thanks to Valentina for sending us this review copy.

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