Poka & Mia by Kitty Crowther (Tate Publishing)

CoverWe were thrilled to find out Tate Publishing were printing the Poka & Mia series and bringing them to Kitty Crowther’s English speaking fans. It’s one of the first books to be translated in to English by the award winning Belgian author/illustrator.

We’ve thoroughly loved Crowther’s work and could always appreciate her sympathetic illustrations, if not always totally understanding the text.

Poka & MiaKitty’s traditional story telling is accompanied by her dark but endearing illustrations.

She tells stories that everyone can relate to and uses these two strange insects to highlight the intricacies and frustrations of the parent/child relationship.


Poka & Mia venture to the cinema, but it’s never that simple.

Mia has to take her six little friends along with them, and each needs a seat. Then she gets all fidgety and needs a drink and all of her little friends need a drink too.


Finally they make their way back to watch the film and Mia realises she’s missing someone.

One of her toys has gone missing and she goes back to find her. Will she ever get to watch the film with Poka?

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