Lost My Name

Lost my nameIf you haven’t heard about the beautifully personalised ‘Lost My Name’ books, where on earth have you been?

Their successful Dragon’s Den pitch as televised on the Beeb, has led to the dreams of three Dads and an Uncle becoming a spectacular story of their own.

We admit to being a little sceptical initially, as here at Picture Books HQ we steer clear of gender stereotypes, but these books, we are pleased to report, do not adhere to the usual pink versus blue or princess versus superhero norms.


The books are a quality product with endearing illustrations and a solid concept.

A little boy / girl has lost their name and they need some help finding it again. They meet an abundance of fabulously illustrated characters from Yeti’s to Mermaids, in order to help them track down the lost letters to create their name.


Whether your name is Jed or Josephine, you’ll receive a minimum of 24 pages jam packed with wonderful characters and a story unique to your child.

These books would make a gorgeous gift for any child and one you’ll re-visit again and again.

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