The Five of Us by Quentin Blake (Tate Publishing)

CoverCan we just let out a great big ‘YEEEEEEEEESSSSSS!!!!’

It’s so great and rather refreshing to see a range of diverse characters in Quentin Blake’s new book.

It’s something we feel particularly strongly about here at Picture Book HQ.


And to boot, they’re right at the heart of the story, the main characters, not just on the periphery of the plot.

Let us introduce you to Angie, Ollie, Simona, Mario and Eric five great friends, each of whom has an unusual disability.

the five of us

Their disabilities perhaps not abundantly evident just by looking at the cover, but it soon becomes clear from Blake’s iconic illustrations, that these friends are totally unique, each with their own strengths and their own challenges.

Working together

The friends venture out on a day trip and all is going swimmingly until disaster strikes and the friends have to pull together, using all of their strengths to ensure they save the day.

The Five of Us‘ is a powerful reminder of the positive contribution we can all make if we focus on what we CAN do rather that what we CAN’T.

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