Flora and the Penguin by Molly Idle (Chronicle)

CoverThis is a shining example of pure, genius story telling without words. Wordless books offer a more open-ended and creative way of story telling.

As Flora mastered the art of ballet in Molly Idle‘s first book, Flora and the Flamingo, she now turns to ice skating for her next challenge and forms an unexpected but beautiful friendship with a penguin.

Idle‘s illustrations are flawless, her facial expressions Floraspot on and the fluidity of this story unfolds quite literally behind the clever flaps that reveal the coming together of Flora and the penguin.

The penguin and Flora are a formidable pair. As the penguin mirrors Flora’s graceful leaps and spins, they make the perfect ice dancing duo.

Flora and the Penguin

You can feel Flora and her ice dancing partner, gliding seamlessly across each spread and we are treated to views from all angles thanks to the various flaps on each spread.

But one day Flora gives the penguin the cold shoulder, how will they work together again to produce amazing results?


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