fill-me-inNow this is our kinda book here at Picture Book Blog HQ. Big Picture Press seem to have a knack of producing highly illustrated, creative books such as Mamoko, Walk This World and Accessorize, but this offering from Moose Allain is a different kind of book.

It’s a creative journal which will allow you to lose hours of your life engrossed in doodling, colouring and general bookish therapeuticness. (Yep, we know it’s not a word but it sums it beautifully, don’t you think?)

createWhilst all three of my children enjoyed this book, I too had a sneaky peruse and couldn’t help myself picking up the coloured pencils.

On each spread, there’s something new to discover, add, build-upon, scribble over, embellish or write on.


It’s a fabulous book for a rainy day, but equally as fabulous for a dry, mild October half-term day, as you can see by my photos.

PS If you don’t already follow Moose Allain on Twitter, you really should. He’s side-splittingly funny.


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