The Safari Set

CoversThis new range of books from Mibo and Button Books are something else.

The short, snappy stories are told in rhyme with perfect pace and cadence, to allow the reader to explore each animal further, in their natural habitats.


Madeleine Rogers brings bright, bold and simplified imagery to make these picture books perfect for many ages.

These are books that just keep on giving, with their pop-out animals tucked away in a snug pouch at the rear of the book, you are invited to build the five 3D animals to create your own stories.


The creation of the animals insight further story telling, imaginative play and will help fine motor skills for the young reader.

My own children aged between 5 and 8 had a great time popping out the perforated shapes to create the animals and scenery, with just a few dabs of glue and a bit of folding here and there.

My 8 year old even made his own stop-motion animation entitled ‘Lion on the loose’. Watch it here.

We loved all of the sets, but Safari was our personal favourite. See more from Mibo here.

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