I Know A Bear by Mariana Ruiz Johnson (Schwartzwade)

I know a bearSuch a gentle tale which also poses questions about our natural world. ‘I Know A Bear’ considers animal life in the zoo, versus life in the wild and is a great way to get younger children thinking about the world around us.

Mariana Ruiz Johnson creates such adorable characters, ones which you will undoubtedly fall in love with, making this whole story all the more poignant. A debut to be extremely proud of.

A little girl visits the zoo and she befriends a bear, who tells her of his Land of the Bears.

swim“The breakfasts there are sweet, the trails are lush and the rivers are like bathtubs.”

But the bear says he can never go back there.

BearThe little girl listens intently to the bear and feels his sadness. Following their impromptu friendship, she then has an idea to help another animal. Find out what the little girl does to make this a truly touching story.

We are thoroughly enjoying what Schwartzwade books are producing and urge you to go and take a look for yourself.


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