Snow by Sam Usher (Templar Publishing)

CoverA most endearing story by Sam Usher, including a beautifully poignant relationship between Grandson and Grandfather with charming illustrations, unique to Sam’s fabulous style.

We all remember those days when a fresh fall of snow magically happened overnight and was just waiting for those first set of footprints and they *had* to be your footprints.


The little boy in this tale waits as patiently as possible, itching to get outside to christen that freshly laid blanket of pristine white snow.

But he wasn’t quick enough to be out first.

He eagerly awaits his Grandad to get out of bed, so they can both get outside to meet his friends at the park.


After much gentle cajoling, Grandad eventually manages to get himself ready for the snow and off they trudge through the already sullied snow, to the park.

When the duo arrive at the park they have a fabulous surprise in store.

A fabulously warming winters’ tale and one you’ll want to read again and again.


Sam can be found experimenting with ink, watercolour and washing-up liquid.

Check out his wonderful work here.



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