Monsters Love Underpants by Claire Freedman and Ben Cort

pantsThere’s nothing we like more than an ‘Underpants’ story from the award-winning duo Claire Freedman and Ben Cort. Just check out my 5 year old with said pants on his head!

We’ve had much hilarity and incessant giggling in this household over the previous offerings and this too had us in stitches.


We defy you not to find a selection of furry, gruesome monsters sporting an array of brightly coloured pants, hilarious.

“Drool monsters from the steamy swamp, fill pants with gooey slime.

But, OOOOOPS! Their pants get slippery, and slide down all the time!”

end papersThe latest addition is a huge success and it lives up to its predecessors in every way. With its colourful spreads and infectious rhyme, this is a great page turner for any reader and it had us all in fits of giggles with plenty of twanging pants elastic.


So how do you fancy winning a copy of the next in the series of Underpants books? It’s out on Thursday and you could own your own copy.

Just follow us on Twitter and RT or share this review for your chance to win a copy hot off the presses! UK entries only on this occasion and the giveaway will close at midday on Monday 13th October. Winner to be announced later that day.


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