Sam & Dave Dig A Hole by Mac Barnett & Jon Klassen (Walker Books)

CoverIn our opinion, Barnett and Klassen are the ‘Dynamic Duo’ of the picture book world so when we heard about this next collaboration we were super excited. When ‘Sam & Dave Dig A Hole’ landed on our doormat, we were not disappointed!

This witty tale which uses the illustrations just as much, if not more in some cases, than the words, follows these friends on their journey to find something underground.


Armed with their spades and a dog for company, the boy set off on their mission, with hilarious consequences.

The reader is invited into the secret of this book and the dog too becomes an integral part of this story. Just watch his facial expressions as the boys narrowly evade their find.

Sam and DaveThis offering is pure genius and we’d expect nothing less from this coupling. The execution of this journey has perfect comedic timing mixed with delightfully simple illustrations, but packed with impact.

Barnett and Klassen always seem to go the extra mile with their books and this is no exception. Watch their hilarious trailer here.


Be sure to check out the end papers too, they’re very much a part of the story too.

Sam & Dave is out now and in our opinion, a definite wish list addition.


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