Numbers by Paul Thurlby (Hodder Children’s)

paulthurlbynumbersFollowing the mammoth success of Paul Thurlby’s Alphabet book, he’s now followed up with an equally mammoth Numbers book.

We are big fans of Paul‘s work and where he gets his inspiration, only he knows, but the depiction of each digit is a thing of numerical beauty.

Each page is crying out to be framed and mounted on the nearest wall.


Here’s a little known fact: Did you know Paul holds his pen in a funny way? Well it clearly it works for him!

Thurlby‘s vintage styling (which has also been described as retro-modern) and clear portrayal of each number is a sure fire winner for any book lover, purveyor of art or general collector.


This book is bound to be loved by all ages, so much so, I had to hide our copy to ensure I got my sticky mitts on it for more than 5 minutes!

The strong, vivid imagery that Thurlby perfected in his Alphabet book has translated just as beautifully in this ‘Numbers‘ book and I envisage plenty of prints adorning many walls across the globe.


We give Paul’s ‘Numbers‘ a perfect ten and just as luck would have it, he even has an illustration for that too.

Perfect for any coffee table, we urge you to grab yourself a copy or even gift one to a friend.


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