When The Rains Come

CoverWhen The Rains Come is a colourfully, poignant tale of real life mixed with folklore, set in the African village of Malawi.

We spotted this fabulous cover a few weeks back and the equally fabulous illustration style of Malika Favre. Birlinn kindly sent us a review copy and its even better in the flesh. Beautifully bound with tactile, quality paper.

Focussed around three children who have to go and live with their Grandmother, the story shows the hard life they face and makes the reader appreciate what we have.


It highlights the trials the villagers face but ultimately, with a little love and hard work it shows how children are able to flourish, grow and learn.

Clearly, life can be very testing, particularly in this part of Africa, but this story celebrates the joys, as well as bringing home the hardships.

Award winning Tom Pow draws on his own experiences and links with the Malawi’s Underprivileged Mothers (MUMs) to create a book that he clearly has great interest in and one he cares greatly about.

DroughtFavre’s illustrations bring this folk tale to life all on their own. The hues of brown and grey perfectly depict the terrible drought of years gone by, spoken about by Grandmother Rose.

When the rains come

Favre then injects bright, bold colour to emphasise the joyful side to this story, and boy, does she do a fabulous job.

You can’t help but feel uplifted by the joyously sunny disposition of the characters, re-enforced by the neon pops of colour, which jump off each page.


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