Hooray for Hat! by Brian Won (Andersen Press)

Hooray for HatBrian Won has created a real feel-good book and one that promotes sharing, celebrates friendship and loves a good hat. What’s not to love?

Well my 5 year old certainly loved it and he even had his own ‘Hooray for Hat!‘ party with his own toys.

(Check out the hat-tastic array of head gear too.)

Elephant grumpy

Elephant wakes up grumpy, in fact everyone’s grumpy, but nothing a good hat can’t fix.

When Elephant wakes to find a surprise box, he is instantly cheered up by the stupendous hat contained in the box.


But as Elephant stomps off to show his friends his fabulous new hat, it’s apparent that they’re not having the best start to the day either.

So he does what only a friend can do and shares his hats around. Which immediately makes everyone happy.


Thank goodness there were plenty of hats to go around and that Elephant was happy to share with his friends!

“Happiness is best when it’s shared”

Watch the fab trailer here


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