Wall by Tom Clohosy Cole (Templar Publishing)

Wall Wall‘ by Tom Clohosy Cole is a hard hitting, emotive story with illustrations and a colour palette to match.

This book is immense.

The history, the heart-wrenching tale, Tom’s illustrative style, there is nothing to dislike about this book.

collageI make no apologies for saying that I loved this when I first clapped eyes on it during my time at Templar Publishing and seeing the finished product in the flesh, it’s even better still.

A family is cruelly severed by the Berlin wall, as Dad gets stuck at the other side away from his partner and two children.

boy“Overnight, a great wall went up, separating the city.

Friends were divided.

Lovers were parted.

Families were separated.”

The use of dense, dark colours flooding each page, further adds to the darkness of the story and highlights the gravity of the situation they face.

FatherThe family are desperate to be reunited once again and the boy is determined to make it happen, despite the inherent danger.

Refusing to give up on his Father, he tenaciously digs a tunnel to get to the other side of the wall. It’s a treacherous walk to their escape route and they don’t go undetected, but luckily a soldier takes pity on the boy’s story and let’s them go. But will they reach his Father in time?

Reminiscent of a high-end graphic novel, beautifully bound with sturdy, ink-filled pages, let me tell you this book smells as good as it looks.

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