Beekle – The Unimaginary Friend by Dan Santat (Andersen Press)

12360060_10153698838250446_3715392370251859453_nBeekle has to be the cutest imaginary friend anyone could ever hope for. In fact, we would rather like him ourselves.

Every night Beekle would wait and wait for someone to imagine him and take him to his exciting new home, where new adventures awaited…

…but his turn never seemed to come.


He had been very patient and instead of waiting any longer he took his fate into his own hands and embarked on a search for his friend.

Off he went on his travels over land and sea, until he reached the real world. When he reached his destination, he didn’t know what to expect but found a place that felt familiar and he felt comfortable there.


“He waited and waited (by now, he was used to waiting). Until he heard a voice.

There stood Alice, his new friend. Her face was friendly and familiar and there was something about her that felt just right.”

alice and beekle

Neither of them had had a special friend before and it took a while to get used to each other, but eventually they did. They had new adventures, shared snacks, told jokes and generally enjoyed life together.

Dan Santat has produced another sure fire hit, with the most perfect characterisation of Beekle.


An utterly magical story which includes two epic journeys, as we follow Beekle on his and Alice on hers. This offers an inspiring confidence boost for younger children and a great message about finding your own place in this big wide world.

Beekle will be published by Andersen Press in 2016 and this is definitely one worth waiting for!


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