Where Bear? by Sophy Henn (Puffin Books)

Where Bear?Well, if this is Sophy Henn’s debut, goodness only knows what she’ll have up her sleeve for her next offering!? These clever author/illustrators always get better and better and this is an un-bear-lievable (sorry) way to kick off her picture book career.

Where Bear? explores friendship, discovery and individuality with sensitivity and great humour.


So what happens when your little bear gets big?

When he gets too big to fit in your home?

When he’s too big to feed and too big to get your arms around?

It’s only fair to find him a proper home, a home fit for a big bear. But the zoo is no good, the circus is way too adventurous and the jungle is far too scary. Until… the lightbulb moment… The Arctic, of course!

Bear phone

Plenty of snow and friends for the bear and more room at home for the boy. Best of all they still remained the best of friends and they were both very happy to be where they belonged.

A beautifully illustrated book, with a bold style using a great palette. I’m also a sucker for a lovely bit of typography and I love the choice of font for this book.


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