TiNWhat could be difficult about looking after your little robot sister?

TiN’s Mother asks him to look after his sister Nickel for the afternoon. Who would’ve thought a spot of mini robot-sitting could be so tough. Well it really can be, just ask TiN.

NickelAs Nickel grabs hold of a balloon and floats off towards the big city, TiN and Zinc, the dog follow in hot pursuit. But can they get to her in time, before she floats too far away?

This vibrant adventure from Chris Judge, winner of the Irish Children’s Book Award, is packed full of colour explosions and as my 5 year old pointed out, ‘great shapes’.

TiN & Nickel

I love the way this story plays out in an almost graphic novel style, introducing the younger reading to a different style of picture book.

Great for the younger reader with bold, vivid imagery and bite-sized chunks of copy.


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