Alphabetics by Patrick & Traci Concepción and Dawid Ryski (Gestalten)

AlphabeticsWe’ve already made it abundantly clear about our love of and passion for Alphabet books, but not your ‘run of the mill’ Alphabet books, oh no!

For us, the quirkier the better and this book written by Patrick and Traci Concepción has it in abundance and with a fabulously jaunty style to boot. Try the tongue-twisting descriptions that accompany each of Dawid Ryski’s iconic images.

BThe predominantly white spreads with the striking type for each letter on the left hand side and the larger than life images providing a pop of colour on the right, is the perfect minimal layout. Clean, stylised images with a no-nonense use of a simple but timeless font (Helvetica Neue), is a reason on its own to pore over each heavy-duty page again and again.


We all know A is for Apple, but did you know A is for ‘Atticus the altruistic astronaut admires an ascending apple while aviating through an anti-gravity abyss’? Well, you do now!

And fear not, the larger words in these tongue-twisting descriptors are accompanied by a glossary to aid the younger reader, at the same time expanding their vocabulary.image

This is the kind of A-Z we love to see. Pushing the boundaries of the usual Alphabet books and marrying the quirky content with great design and simple but striking colour palettes. We can’t get enough of this book and would love prints of these spreads all around our home. If you appreciate great design, then you’ll love this. I know plenty of people who won’t be able to resist Alphabetics.

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