Books to get the creative juices flowing

creativeWe couldn’t wait to share these offerings from Tate Publishing. An old favourite and a new exciting book to get small (and big) children’s creative juices flowing. Now, for someone who has been taught not to write in books, let alone scribble, this was SO liberating! I thought I may struggle to let my children loose with such beautiful books, but quite the contrary, their additions to each page made the books more personal and they’ll certainly be ones to treasure.

I have a couple of little budding artists of my own and whilst I’m not such a little artist these days, we all adored both of these books.


My 5 year old was enthralled with Tullet’s The Scribble Book. He was able to let loose on each page and what he produced just added to this fabulous book.

He pored over each spread and plumped for some colouring-in first. But he soon found a fabulous page which literally requested you to scribble and Herve Tullet’s wish is our command.


The Scribble Book is pitched perfectly for the younger artiste, with its big bold illustrations and large open spaces to complete.

It allows a younger audience to get as creative as they wish with almost no boundaries.

LuceMy 7 year old particularly enjoyed the more hands-on approach of The Little Factory of Illustration.

She was able to doodle and colour-in the more precise areas these pages provided and cut along dotted lines to play the games included within the book.

It’s a veritable compendium of doodling, games and colouring.


The instructions are a little more elaborate in this book, so younger members may need some help, but my 7 year old just ran with it and didn’t leave one page un-turned. She particularly enjoyed the collage section of this book and it also included games such as dominoes, which kept her busy.

Whether you have a creative streak or not, you’ll be hard pushed to find something better to keep your children entertained, indeed even the adults will struggle to stay away. I was told at one point, to “stop colouring Mummy, it’s my go!”

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