Hattie Peck


Such an endearing debut story from author/illustrator Emma Levey.

Hattie Peck is a hen, a hen like any other but for one small fact. She had only ever been able to lay one egg, which never hatched. She feels sad about this and decides to take the role of Mother Hen role to a whole new level.


She takes it upon herself to rescue all of the abandoned eggs in the world.

Battling brutal fires, swimming deep salty seas, warding off high winds and schlepping through deep snow, she finds and retrieves the eggs that have been left.

eggsLadened with an impressive stash of eggs, Hattie returns to her coop and she sits on the eggs as any Mother Hen would… and she waits… and waits.

Until finally, after days and weeks, the hatching had begun.


mother hen

And soon, she becomes the best Mother Hen of all to a host of scaly, feathery, furry and even prickly friends.

Levey is a self confessed wildlife addict and it manifests itself in her intricate, empathetic illustrations. Her next book ‘Yuck! Said the Yak!’ is out this month and we can’t wait to see him in the flesh.


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